Our Family Farm for Generations…

The Snyder family came to northeastern Ohio from Buckhannon, West Virginia in 1903.  Amos Nelson Snyder (Nelsie) and his bride Rose Ann (Rosie) departed for Ohio after their wedding, and settled near Kelloggsville on Plymouth Ridge Road.

Nelsie was a sharecropper until 1909 when he was able to buy about 70 acres.

Sadly, Rosie died of an aneurysm in 1949 and Nelsie passed away in 1963.  After Nelsie’s death, the property was passed to his son Doyle, the father of current owner David Snyder.

Adjoining properties were purchased whenever possible, and the farm grew to it’s current size of 250 acres.

The photo shows Nelsie and Rosie’s wedding party in 1903. Pictured center.


The Barn

A barn which stood on the property was destroyed by a storm in the 1970’s. The photo shows the barn as it stood around 1950.  The barn, a relic of the farming history of the property, has been integrated into our Lost River Farm logo as a remembrance of the property’s past owners, and their love of the land. Plans are underway to rebuild the barn in summer of 2019. The new barn will be built in the same traditional style.

Lost River

You may ask, why Lost River Farm as a name? Unknown to many, there is a beautiful river flowing through the property, hidden deep in the forest. The river valley at Lost River Farm is a product of the most recent period of glaciation. The Ashtabula River flows north through  eastern Ashtabula County, skirting the eastern end of one moraine (Euclid) before running into another moraine (Painesville) and turning west. The river then flows between the two moraines with the deepest section at Lost River Farm.